Yesterday's Child

a novel by


Drew Dooley

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     Yesterday’s Child, the debut novel by Drew Dooley, explores the journey and strength of two women; Flora, a young mother dealing with the realities of life in 1965, and Ana, a lesbian entrepreneur coping with the challenges of both identities in 2001.  

     A generation and a lifetime apart, the two are forever bound to each other by a triangle of love, lies, and tragedy. 


     In the heart of Albuquerque’s North Valley, Ana and Jace, lovers, girlfriends, and new owners of a bed and breakfast fall into a quagmire of deceit when they unexpectedly discover a certificate of adoption naming Ana as the infant in question.

     Ignoring the possible consequences, the two women begin a search to find Ana’s birth parents. Their discoveries take them across two generations, through a labyrinth of misunderstandings and adversity long buried under a binding family promise of silence.                Shattered by what she eventually discovers, Ana must resolve her feelings about the conflicts of her past and the people in it, knowing it will forever change her future.


    Yesterday’s Child is a contemporary and LGBTQ romance based on true life events. It is the first in a series of three novels which take place in the southwest and revolve around the lives of Jace and Ana, two women in love who are coping with a rapidly changing world and unpredictable political tides. 


Drew Dooley, Author


            Growing up in the high desert of Albuquerque, New Mexico, Drew has embraced her Hispanic roots and adds the scents, language, and nuances of this unique area of the United States to her books.  Married to her beautiful wife since 2008, Drew recently retired from education to pursue her love of writing full time.  She does professional speaking and life coaching to pay the bills until the royalties from her trilogy start pouring in and she can buy that beach house she has been eyeing online.  Yesterday’s Child is Drew’s debut novel and the first in a 3-book series.  Words are her gift and her curse and much like the fabled Scheherazade, Drew loves to tell stories. Writing is her first language.

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