life mastery 

Dr. Drew Dooley is a Certified Life Mastery Consultant with the Mary Morrissey Life Mastery Institute.​​


"I believe you are far more powerful and contain more potential than any circumstance, situation, or condition."

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Discover a new way of being


Create a new vision for you, your staff, your company, your friends.  Drew has conducted dozens of Vision Workshops  designed to introduce her participants to the first three steps to designing a better life.

If you are seeking a different way to do things, a more productive and satisfying way of being in the world, invite Drew to host a workshop for you and your crew. 


Words create worlds.  Choose the good ones.


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workshops and presentations

One Degree of Change

30 - 60 minutes

Sometimes all this manifesting and inspirational stuff can seem overwhelming and a little unrealistic.  This workshop is designed to show you how making even one small change in your daily habits can lead you to a different future.  

Positive Leadership

45-180 minutes

This workshop is ideal for businesses as well as entrepreneurs looking to up their game.  Learn how to change and improve your business relationships by changing how you think and by creating habits that will move you forward instead of hold you back.  


Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Designing Your Life

6 hours

An all-day workshop on discovering the steps to designing your life on your terms.


The Power of Vision - 3 Keys to Mastering Your Results

30-180 minutes

To be an effective DreamBuilder, you must first Define, Design, and Live As If your dream had already come true.  Vision is everything.


Vision Boards - Creating Your Sacred Space

3-6 hours

Creating a vision board is more than poster board, magazines and glue.  It is a sacred space designed to invite the manifestation of your dreams.


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