Dr. drew dooley 

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Growing up in Albuquerque, New Mexico, Drew always dreamed of writing a bestselling book.  Words are her passion and today she uses them to lead and guide her listeners to a deeper understanding of who they are and who they can become (and her first book is in the process of being published!)


A professional speaker, Drew has traveled across the United States since 2010 presenting to groups large and small. She has shared her keynote speeches, workshops, and presentations with businesses, clubs, non-profit organizations, schools, and churches. Her understanding of generational differences is deep and comprehensive and her talks on this topic have inspired and informed audiences across the country.


In addition to using words as a method of instruction, Dr. Dooley is also a certified Life Mastery Consultant and Infinite Possibilities Trainer, guiding her clients toward creating a life they would love living. Her ability to coach people and open them to their dreams has enabled Drew to share the power of words with dozens of individuals.


 what you can expect 


  • Drew's presentations are of high interest, interactive, relevant, and contain the latest research. Boredom is left at the door.


  • Drew is the consummate professional: prompt, prepared, and polite.  In addition to that, she's smart, a bit irreverent, and always ready for a good laugh.


  • If there is one thing Drew loves, it's FUN.  Participants laugh, interact with each other, and even dance! This ain't your mama's guest speaker! 

 most requested topics 

Navigating the Generational Waters

45-90 minutes

What are the different generations, what makes them who they are, and what the heck do they act that way?


Marketing to the Generations

30-90 minutes

Each generation approaches consumerism in a different way.  Find out how to modify your brand to reach your target market.


 The iGen Goes to School

90-180 minutes

We currently have 2 very distinct generations in our schools.  Do you know how to effectively teach them in a way they will relate to?


One Degree of Change

45-180 minutes

Thoughts. Become. Things.  Shift the way you think, even just One Degree, and you will shift the way you live, the way you lead, and the levels of success you desire.


Infinite Possibilities - The Art of Designing Your Life

6 hours

An all-day workshop on discovering the steps to designing your life on your terms.


The Power of Vision - 3 Keys to Mastering Your Results

30-180 minutes

To be an effective DreamBuilder, you must first Define, Design, and Live as If your dream had already come true.  Vision is everything.

Dream Builder Vision Board Workshop

4.5 hours

Creating a quality and effective vision board takes a lot more than just pasting pictures on a poster board.  This workshop teaches how to define what your vision is, how to design a powerful vision board, and what to do with once it's complete.

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