"Drew's presentations gave me a better perspective on how to communicate with different generational groups" 

"Great presentation! Found it extremely helpful!  Thank you!"

"Drew took us out of the box of school policies and procedures and into the box of the student and their generational needs so they can LEARN"

"...very informative, lots of valuable information"

"Different learning styles and expectations of generations was very informative!"

For fifteen years Drew has traveled throughout the Southwestern United States speaking to businesses, educators, corporations, and non-profits about working with and for the different generations.

Dr. Dooley has studied, spoken, and written about the generations for over two decades.  


Her presentations have engaged audiences from all backgrounds, ages, and occupations.

"I do believe it is instructive to look at the impact of the times in which various groups of people have grown up. When I describe the different generations, I tend to look at:                    The technology they grew up with,

                  The geopolitics and economic ups and downs they witnessed,

                  The parenting norms and educational philosophies that dominated during                      their childhoods, and

                  The media and advertising messages they saw and heard.

All of this impacts our expectations of the workplace we enter as adults. "  


      Knowing where the generational gaps are in your industry is instrumental in having a productive and well balanced organization.

Most REquested talks

Navigating the Generational Waters

45-90 minutes

What are the different generations, what makes them who they are, and what the heck do they act that way?

Workplace Statistics    A Generational View  Generations Chart


Marketing to the Generations

30-90 minutes

Each generation approaches consumerism in a different way.  Find out how to modify your brand and your style to better reach your target market.


 The iGen Goes to School

90-180 minutes

We currently have 2 very distinct generations in our schools.  Students are evolving at an unprecedented rate in a direction we've never seen before. Learning what makes Generation Z and Alpha tick, could be the difference between a productive classroom and chaos.

Call Drew Today and find out how she can help you and your organization navigate the generational waters.

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